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Digitalisation of Construction SMEs

Maturity Scan

Maturity scan

The construction ecosystem in the European Union is made up mainly of SMEs, many of which are microenterprises. These companies can be divided into the following three groups when it comes to their digitalisation level: late adopters, early adopters and front runners.

In order to benefit from tailored services (handbook and training courses) it is important to know your digital maturity level. Curious to find out to which category you belong to? We developed two digital maturity scans: a scan asking basic questions (the quick scan) and a scan asking more advanced questions (the in-depth scan).

These scans were built based on lessons learned from existing national and European maturity scans in construction and in other domains. The most important difference with other existing scans are the coverage of both specific technologies (e.g. BIM as well as other technologies) and non-technological topics. Another difference is that this scan is strongly related to our handbook and is developed with an EU wide focus. We recommend you to fill in first the quick scan below, but if you would like to move to the in-depth scan, then click here.

Background information

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Digital transformation strategy

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Digital Processes

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Digital company culture

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Building Information Modelling

Are the employees of your company familiar with BIM (Building Information Modelling)? *
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Other technologies

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