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Digitalisation of Construction SMEs
Development of a harmonised EU model for a Digital Building Logbook
A new technical study for the development and implementation of digital building logbooks aims to address the issue of collecting, storing, sharing and updating information in the construction sector and cover technical, economic and regulatory agreements.

The construction sector is considered to be a fragmented sector with information created throughout the value chain and throughout the lifecycle of a building. This makes the collection, storage, sharing and updating of information a difficult endeavour. The creation of a common data repository such as a digital building logbook would address the issue by providing an environment to store and share building data in the sector. However, this requires to agree on technical (e.g. data formats), economic (e.g. data use) and regulatory issues (e.g. data ownership). A new technical study for the development and implementation of digital building logbooks aims to tackle this issue.


The study will be implemented by a consortium of Ecorys, TNO, Arcadis and Contecht and builds on a previous study, which developed an EU framework for digital building logbooks. As a part of the former study, a definition of Digital Building Logbooks was developed, which defines a Digital Building Logbook as a common repository for all relevant building data, which facilitates transparency, trust, informed decision making and information sharing within the construction sector, among building owners and occupants, financial institutions and public authorities. As part of the first study, gaps were identified and three action points were established to address these gaps. Two of these gaps relate to the current study, namely the development of a standardised approach for data collection, data management and interoperability and its legal framework and the development of guidelines linking existing databases with each other.


In particular, the technical study for the development and implementation of digital building logbooks will focus on four key elements. First, to develop a semantic data model for European digital building logbooks. Second, a framework to link existing databases through a gateway interface. Third, to develop a data management plan with guidelines on data sharing, intellectual property and licenses. Lastly and most importantly, guidelines will be developed for Member States on implementation of digital building logbooks at national level, supporting the uptake of such logbooks across the EU.


An important part of the study is stakeholder engagement. This will be key throughout the study to collect data and verify findings. For example, information on existing databases, data sharing, intellectual property and licenses as well as on the costs and the benefits of logbooks will be collected. The team is currently looking for stakeholders who want to participate in the study. If you are interested to contribute to this project, please sign up here.