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Digitalisation of Construction SMEs
Video: Introducing the digitalisation of construction SMEs project
To support the digitalisation of construction SMEs, we recently launched a new training programme. However, companies and other organisations  can find many more support tools on this website. You can watch our new video to find out more about how the tools provided on this website can help your organisation to digitalise.

In our new video, we focus on how this website can help companies with the following questions:

  • Where to start with the integration of new digital technologies?
  • How can organisational processes become more efficient through digitalisation?
  • What are the investment costs for integrating new digital solutions?
  • What digital tools are available and which ones are of value to one’s business?

The video guides you through the main components of the website, including the digital maturity scan for companies to assess their digitalisation level, the selection of good practices of companies that implemented digital technologies (share your own here) and the handbook with guidelines for companies to develop their digital transformation strategy as well as introduce new technologies. These are complemented by our six training courses.

Watch our new video now (in English):

Link to the Video