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Digitalisation of Construction SMEs

Set-up of Digital Company Culture and Processes

Set-up of Digital Company Culture and Processes
Location: Online
Language: English

This training is designed for organisations’ managers who are interested in learning more about tools and techniques which help to live an organisational culture that supports digital change. Moreover, the implications of changes in processes and legal requirements when applying digital technologies will be discussed.

What is it about? ​

  • Digital skills: Assessing software usage (and modelling)​

  • Digital infrastructure: Equipment and other digital tools; optimizing structures of the organisation​

  • Partnerships and Alliances: Digitalization as enabler for collaboration, strengthening partnerships and stakeholder management  ​

  • Data security: Legal requirements regarding processing and storing data, ethics, privacy and sovereignty of information  ​

  • External help/funds: Identification of existing support services ​

Who should participate? 
CEOs, Managing Directors, General Manager, Digitalisation Manager, Operational Manager, Process Manager, Human Resources Manager. It will be important that the participating members will have an overall power in the organisation. It will also be possible to have more than one member of one organisation participating. ​

Delivery mode: Online training. You will find more information about the offered dates in the training calendar.

When you apply to participate in an online training course, you will receive a dial-in link together with the training confirmation. You will be able to participate from any place where you are connected. Kindly ensure that you will be able to participate actively.